Knowing Cheap LG Refrigerator Price 2017

Price Refrigerators cheap LG 2017 you can make as a reference when you want to buy a refrigerator brand LG. Indeed no doubt the quality of LG in meeting the needs of the people of Indonesia. LG refrigerator is famous for its product durability and has advanced features and modern shape. In addition to benefiting from its function, Refrigerator from LG will beautify your kitchen. Lag has several advantages over other products.

The ergonomic and classi LG refrigerator design is reliable for household needs. In addition, the capacity is large enough to accommodate a wide range of vegetables, fruit meats and other food items. That way, the freshness of the food is awake until it is time to use. Smart cooling technology in LG refrigerators can keep the temperature and humidity during use. Know the cheapest price LG refrigerator!

This is LG Refrigerator Cheap Price 2017

This 1-door refrigerator has a capacity of up to 190 liters with excellent temperature control mechanic. And has a moist balance crisper technology, while the door can be locked so that it can keep it getting the maximum cold. The price is IDR 1.4 million.

Designed with 1 Door, LG Gn-V191SLT comes with Mechanical Controller, Moist Balance Crisper Bioshield, Direct Cooling. The price is also quite cheap compared to other brands that is IDR 1.6 million.

The LG Gn-V231RL refrigerator is also referred to as the Cheap Price Refrigerator of LG 2017 because the 1st Door Fridge is designed with a capacity of 185L. While the technology is Direct Cooling, Semi-Auto Defrost, Bioshield, Moist Balance Crisper and also saving electricity valued around IDR 1.9 million.

If your budget is around Rp 2 million, can buy LG GN-Y201CH which is refrigerator 1 Door with capacity up to 169L. Each shelf is designed relieved especially on the fruit rack. It also uses moist balance crisper and Semi auto defrost. The price is around IDR 2.1 millions.

If you want a 1-door refrigerator that uses only 75 watts of electricity, choose LG GN-y201SL. This refrigerator is designed using a tempered glass rack that is famous for its toughness in accommodating foodstuffs. This refrigerator also has bio shield and direct cooling technology, it costs about IDR 2.2 millions.

As for you who want to have a refrigerator 1 Door with a larger capacity, can choose LG Gn-Y331SL because of its capacity reaches 199L. This refrigerator has a big vegetable box and uses Semi auto defrost technology and Moist balance crisper, just pay IDR 2.4 million you can have it.

Now, you do not need to get dizzy in buying kabah because there is an online store ready to deliver the refrigerator up at home. But, make sure the shop jual kulkas murah online is reliable!