Software Development Quality Assurance: What For?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) provides visual control over the processes that are used for development of software projects, throughout the product life cycle. Quality assurance includes activities designed to evaluate product development processes used to ensure quality. The goal of SQA is to create high-quality software, i.e. to confirm that the products are developed using the right tools, procedures and methods, and to prevent defects or detect and eliminate them at early stages, thereby avoiding repetitive alterations. Software development quality assurance is intended to monitor and improve the process, ascertain that all agreed-upon procedures, requirements and standards are followed and required and desired quality measures are fully met.

During the entire development cycle, the following SQA activities are used:

  • formulating a quality plan
  • carrying out the product revision
  • confirming that there are methods for making controlled changes to documents and source code
  • auditing software products for compliance with quality standards
  • collecting software quality metrics
  • evaluating software development and testing methods

One of the SQA functions is to conduct audits. Audit is an independent assessment of project artifacts, which primary task is to verify the compliance of product development with approved standards and norms. There internal (the company’s auditors) and external  audits (auditors working for standard setting organizations from which the company receives accreditation, or the customers themselves in case the software being developed is a component of the customer’s own product). Pentest company helps to identify loopholes in security mechanisms and protect from cyber attacks.

Important points on software testing

Some companies mistakenly equate SQA with software testing. The SQA assesses the quality of the process, with a focus on preventing defects, which is the opposite of the software testing task that evaluates the quality of the product and focuses on detecting errors. The SQA monitors the effectiveness of testing by reviewing test results and collecting software quality metrics. Audit of software testing documents provides an opportunity to make sure that the testing process meets the established standards and norms. Selenium testing service is needed to test functionality and graphical interfaces of web based apps in an automatic manner.

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